Austevoll Laksepakkeri AS

Situated in Austevoll, Norway, Austevoll Laksepakkeri AS is a modern processing plant for salmon products.

We have salmon production year round, our products are exported worldwide everyday. With a cold storage capacity of over 12,000mt and a deep-water pier, we offers port-to-port logistics to our customers.

Austevoll Laksepakkeri AS started operating in 1975, and is now among the most renowned facilities in Norway. The last improvements to the factory were in 2015 ensures a good supply of fish to our customers.

  • Salmon production capacity of 150mt/day
  • Filleting production capacity of 35 mt/day
  • Freezing production capacity of 65 mt/day
Austevoll Laksepakkeri AS - N-5392 Storebø, Norway
Tel: +47 56 18 10 00